Hexagon Pot Pourri Sachet


I have been playing with my selection of teeny tiny pieces of assorted fabric and playing with hexagon paper piecing, which I now love.  I wanted to make a gift for a friend, who was having a party and thought a little sachet would be the ideal gift and as I have now given her the gift I can now share a photo.


It’s double sided…


I put rose and lavender inside as I know she has trouble sleeping.

She was very pleased and I am now addicted to hand stitching.



Ooops. Have just bought something else.


It all started with a cup of tea and the thought that I would just spend five minutes looking at inspiration as to what to do with my patchwork hexagons….little did I know you could do so much.  And then I found this adorable hippo and just had to buy the pattern.  I strongly suggest you take a look.

Now I realise this is a crochet pattern and not patchwork, but what the heck I thought, lets start that as well.  So, time to find my crochet hook….I know its here somewhere.



Lovely fabric parcel received


I really shouldn’t start any new projects until clearing some old ones first, especially as I don’t seem to have that much time on my hands, but when my lovely little parcel of fabric pieces arrived I just cant stop daydreaming about what I want to do with them.

Perhaps, I should have thought about that before I bought them but you know what its like when you see something pretty, just have to buy it and think later.

So here it is…


Watch this space…. I know it will involve hexagons.



Happy Book Post


I love getting nice post in the morning, it always makes such a nice change from all the boring stuff, but I have recently had some super fabby post…

mindfulnesspianocollection cov

Now I only wish I could actually play the lovely music in the book.  Sadly my musical talents did not advance past school.  However, my lovely treble clef illustration was chosen for the front cover and how good it looks too …. although I may be slightly biased.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, information as follows:

Mindfulness: the piano collection
ISBN: 0571539548
Price: £9.99
Available from www.fabermusicstore.com



Crochet Charity Blanket


I have finished the sewing together and the dreaded darning which seems to go on forever but here is the finished blanket.


This is a variant on a blanket I did recently.  I love the rib detailing you can achieve by anchoring the treble crochet around the body of the stitch instead of through the chain at the top.


So simple but so effective.


Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy your day.