Another Patchwork Hippo done.


My original Hippo was gifted to my Mum who adores Hippos.  However, I had stuffed it with feathers, which she is allergic to, so she returned him hoping I would re-stuff him.  However, I decided it would be easier to do another one, which I sized slightly larger (to make it easier) and then I could the little one as it was.

Here it is…




Patchwork Hippo


I am so excited to share my finished patchwork.  It’s not bad for a beginner.

The pattern can be bought here from Heidi Bears and its well worth a visit.



Now, the pattern is a crochet pattern but I adapted it for patchwork as I was in that sort of mood.  But I am going to try the crochet version as well.

The picture doesn’t show very well but I made him nice and dinky.  He is about the length of my hand.

I hope you like him as much as I do.

Thanks for visiting my little blog.