Mum’s Birthday Card

It was my Mum’s Birthday recently and this was her card.


My Mum, like me, loves scrapbooking and I have come to learn that anything she receives will rapidly be taken apart and will ultimately appear in a scrapbook soon.  With this in mind, I decided to make her card made up of lots of little elements.


I love to make ATCs so this was wonderfully fun to do.  I started by cutting lots of small rectangles out of coordinating shades of pink from my scrap box.  I then went about decorating them in as many different techniques as I could, including Shrink Plastic, stamping, die cutting, clay, embossing, wire & beading work and ribbon.



My little boy turned 9 years old.

I would also like to share a card I made for my little boy.  He loves Star Wars and he loves Angry Birds!

This is a totally over-the-top card, measuring A3 in size, which is destined to be framed and go on his wall…but he loved it!



All for now.




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