Last Day of School – Teacher’s Gifts

Well that was the last day of another year at school and I would like to share the gifts I made for the teachers.


I used my Owl design to create a bookmark for a male teacher using the fabulous Zentangle technique, albeit with my own twist!

I covered the drawing with an oversized piece of acetate which I attached with gunmetal brads and added the same size backing to the artwork to hide the brad fastenings.



The lady teachers each got a simple Phone Charm with a fabulous hand made card made by my 9 year old made, also using Zentangle. However, I forgot to take photos of his fantastic work, but considering he got some fanatastic books for his birthday I’m sure some works of art will be produced over the Summer Holidays which I will photograph.


All teachers were suitably impressed and grateful for their gifts.  Another year over!

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