Jewellery Batch Number 3

Here are some more bracelets today using my quickly diminishing stash of treasures.


I like that every item is individual and different from the last, albeit similar.

I take pleasure in the planning and placement of the beads first to ensure there are sufficient to complete the design.  It’s like a puzzle finding the best usage of the beads and “hey presto” the design and the technique is decided for me.

It is also very therapeutic to do … until a dog swipes all the beads with his or her tail.  I know as I have repeatedly had the pleasure of retrieving all the beads.

See you again soon.

1 thought on “Jewellery Batch Number 3

  1. Fairy Nuff

    These are gorgeous, particularly like the teal coloured one.
    There is nothing more therapeutic than scrabbling about looking for beads, buttons etc on the floor.. I did it with send beads, twice one after the other, needless to say the Hoover had the pleasure of picking up a to of them third time round :-D.. Love your creations they are very beautiful 😀


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