Zentangle Skull


I have another zentangle picture today, but it’s not too everyone’s tastes!

I personally love a skull or too and appreciate the science of it, but I understand if you don’t like it and wish to skip today.

Plus I am loving this paisley shape at the moment and creating a shape with it used randomly.  I have used it a lot lately. Also, there are so many variations of decorating the insides…..



My inner goth appreciates this as something different to normal, however, usual service will now be resumed……until next time!


2 thoughts on “Zentangle Skull

  1. massofhair

    Oh please miss, can we have some more!

    The MDF man had some fab small skull shapes at the last craft show i attended.

    Love paisley shapes so todays design is right up my street. Love your skull:-) xxx

    1. blackflowercreative Post author

      Funny you should say that …. there might just be another version just around the corner …. you will have to be a tiny bit patient.
      I am so pleased its not just me that appreciates a skull.
      Thank you for your lovely comment.


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