Forgotten Parchment Part 1


I have been having a tidy up and stumbled upon a bundle of parchment creations I have stored away ready for that “special occasion”.  Unfortunately, I think they have always fallen in the “don’t want to use, best save for something super special” category and have been totally forgotten about.

So, its jolly well time they were used and I will make them into something accordingly.

However, here are a few as they are now…







These designs no doubt will have been taken and/or adapted from various parchment magazines and books, which I loved to read when my boys were babies.  I loved to spend time doing parchment as very little was needed making it quick to get out and put away as and when time allowed.

I love how parchment looks so delicate but is surprisingly sturdy.

There are quite a few more to come which I will share another day.

Thanks for visiting.



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