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Butterflies of Paradise


Right. Normal service is resumed following birthday celebrations and today I have a quick card to share which I am really sorry includes butterflies and purple.  Oh what the hec, no I’m not sorry I love them.


I started with my background and stamped 2 butterflies in black ink and masked.  I then stamped in purple ink a Bird of Paradise stamp, a flourish and a text stamp. I chalked over the whole background and coloured the butterflies in using coloured pencils.


I then layered my background onto a co-ordinated colour cardstock and stamped the text stamp and elements of the flourish in black ink.


The finishing touch, as always is to add a 3D butterfly with wire antennae (or in this case add 4)


I hope you like it.

See you again soon




Birthday Boy


WOW what a busy morning it is when there’s a birthday in the house, but anyway I would love to share some more pictures of my crochet Minion together with his new owner, the birthday boy himself.

The opening moment……


The first cuddle….


The puppy found alternative entertainment for a short while….


And lastly, here is his birthday card, which I only just managed to finish in time.  Nothing like leaving things to the last minute.



Apologies for the unusually poor photos, it was early in the morning and my cup of tea hadn’t kicked in yet.

Thanks for visiting.


Can you keep a secret!


I am bursting with excitement for my little boy’s birthday tomorrow. I say little, he will be 10 years old and he’s a great big tall lanky skinny thing.

Anyway, I have been beavering away making a crochet Minion for him and I have finished it and I have to show someone or else I will explode. But knowing I can trust you to keep a secret, here is my minion……


I initially searched the internet for pictures of minions to use as a resource and I stumbled upon this pattern: which has worked really well, although I did change a few things slightly. So all credit to Stephanie for her design.  Her blog is really worth checking out as she has lots of other really great designs there.

All of his clothes are removable but I tacked them on permanently so they don’t go awol.

My biggest issue with making him, unsurprisingly was my stupid big puppy who thinks its fun to run off with EVERYTHING, so in a very safe place I will put my minion …. until tomorrow.

Must hide him before the puppy runs off with him AGAIN……

I will post more pictures tomorrow when I’m not trying to hide him.

Have a great day.


Forgotten Parchment 3


I have just been looking through my photos and I have found these parchment bookmarks which I hadn’t previously shared, so here they are….


This one is left from a batch I made for Teacher Thank You gifts a few years ago.  I completed them with a 3D butterfly sitting on top.

All the following bookmarks are from various patterns in books, which I made when I first started parchment.







I must use them before I lose them again.

I hope you like them.

Thanks for visiting.



Happy Birthday Mum!


I have a card to share today which I made for my Mums Birthday.  Here it is…


I used a lovely little butterfly stamp from Chocolate Baroque together with my very own floral stamp designs which I drew awhile ago.


I started in my usual style with a piece of white card and added chalks in shades of pink, orange and yellow quite randomly.

Using a versamark inkpad I stamped my floral designs quite randomly and added the same shades of chalk over the top.


I then filled in the gaps by stamping again with versamark but this time adding white embossing powder and heating.  (This could have been done of course at the start and acted like a resist but I didn’t quite know where I was going at the start and I just let the card evolve…often makes the best cards I think).

Finally I added a sentiment stamped in the same way and a few little flower dies.

I hope you like it.



Happy Birthday Fathers Day Dad!


I’m sorry I’m a day late with this post but yesterday was a little hectic to say the least.  It was my Dad’s birthday as well as being Fathers Day, so here is his card……


My Dad loves Owls and he was the first inspiration for my owl zentangle last year, here is the post, so this year I thought I would draw the same Owl again but colour it in a completely different style.


I drew a sketchy branch with little roses on for the Owl to sit on.


I hope you like it. You may be seeing more of my Owl soon……

Have a great week everyone.