Thank goodness for lovely post!


Just a quick post today as I have already wasted a huge amount of time clearing up the latest of the puppies expeditions whilst he was impersonating a cat…..


I found my lovely 500g ball of wool having been thrown around and stretched from my sofa in the lounge right through to the front door and back again …… a few times.

Nearly 2 hours in and I have given up for the time being at putting my ball back together again.

Luckily, my lovely postlady delivered to me a very special delivery……


But what is inside?

It’s Teddy Winstone!


I was extremely lucky enough to have won him last week when I entered a competition over at Please take a look at this very talented ladies blog.

He is absolutely exquisite and will be treasured.  I was even lucky enough to be sent some homework with him; fabric to make him his very own blanket.

So there you go … Thank goodness for nice post!  I have almost forgotten how cross I was a while ago.

Have a great day everyone.



2 thoughts on “Thank goodness for lovely post!

  1. massofhair

    Hi Teddy Winstone, you have a lovely smile and a very stylish look. Looking forward to seeing your new blanket very soon.

    So glad your post made your frown into a smile:-) xxx


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