Yellow Crochet Blanket


I have a project to share today which I have eventually finished after starting it some 9+ years ago when my 10 year old was a baby and I used to sit with him whilst he went to sleep.


For the last 9+ years it has been sat abandoned in a box as I got extremely bored of doing the motifs.  So I picked it up and decided to finish it.


I had to make about 10 more motifs, which took me an age as I had forgotten what to do.  On that basis I thought I would give up with the motifs and just crochet the remainder of the wool….much quicker!


I changed the stitch half way through the white section, firstly to relieve boredom and secondly as a design feature to add interest.


I always finish any blanket with a crochet border of a few rows of trebles and then a couple of rows of half trebles. I like to do this as it makes the edge a bit thicker and more defined.  As I was using up all the wool I actually got 4 rows of half trebles on this one.

The blanket turned out huge in the end, perfect for a double bed. Not so perfect for my naughty puppies feet though.

I hope you like it.

I wonder what else is lurking in my unloved and abandoned box (or boxes)?




3 thoughts on “Yellow Crochet Blanket

    1. blackflowercreative Post author

      Thank you. I’m not sure whether its pride or relief.

      And as for my lurking projects, I know there are quite a few cross stitch pictures I started and I dread to think what else. I must be brave and venture into the realms.

      Take care. x


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