I have another secret……Shhhhh!


With another weekend looming, I am rushed off my feet getting kids ready to go back to school, but more importantly it’s my eldest sons birthday next week.

You may remember my younger son had a birthday recently and I did this for him http://wp.me/p385yc-mR.  So, I thought it only fair (albeit he is going to be 12) that I make another one.

Many will know I get bored very easily so I didn’t want to do the same again and instead opted for this variety from the second movie.


I will award bonus points to all those who notice the deliberate mistakes, as follows:

1. The hair should be purple (but I ran out of wool so had to substitute….ooops)

2. I forgot the buttons on the dungarees (I will put this right before I wrap it)

I hope you like it. More importantly I hope oldest son likes it.

Have a great weekend everyone.


2 thoughts on “I have another secret……Shhhhh!

  1. massofhair

    I LOVE your Minion so just in case eldest Son or younger Son or the Puppy doesn’t like him i volunteer to give him a good home!

    Have a fab weekend, enjoy the celebrations & hope to see some pics very soon:-) xxx


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