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I am thrilled to be taking part in this Creative Blog Hop and thanks to the lovely Sezzie D for her invitation to be a part of this Blog Hop. You can visit her  blog at

The idea for this Blog Hop is to learn a bit about us so here is me….

Who am I?

I am a mother to 2 fabulous young boys, who are growing far too rapidly and 2 Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Sarah a beautiful gentle 6 year old girl who I rehomed from Germany and my baby Chester a massive mischief and complete Mummies boy weighing in at over 65kg at 20 months old (not yet fully grown either).

I love my children, I love my dogs and I love my craft!

Crafting for me started with knitting as a child, taught by my Mum, although I preferred crochet and cross stitch. I discovered papercraft over 12 years ago and enjoy card-making, scrapbooking and ATCs.  My particular love is for stamping and die-cutting which has evolved into designing my own range of Black Flower Creative stamps, coming soon.

Here is my Sarah:


And my baby Chester:


What am I working on at the moment?

I always have plenty of projects on the go at any one moment.  This unfortunately results in a constant collection of boxes full of unfinished objects, which is always nice to rummage through and complete when time allows.

Recently, I have tried to clear one box with projects over 10 years old, like this blanket:


Current big projects:

Baby clothes quilt

I admit to having previously hoarded baby clothes and had the idea to upcycle them into a quilt for my boys for the winter.  This is progressing well and I hope to be completed before the weather turns cold.

Crochet Blanket

My boys are certainly going to be warm this winter with this crochet project.  I made my friend a small version for her gorgeous little baby girl earlier in the year to which my boys took a fancy to and thought I could make a version using up odd balls of wool from my stash. (Again hoarder, but then I am a crafter).

Here is the baby blanket made for my friend:


And some of the squares for my boys:


Crochet Minions

I have made Minions for my boy’s birthdays this year thanks to inspiration from the internet but this has developed into a new craft of Amigurumi and has inspired many things to be made for Christmas presents…….. Currently working on a miniature minion to go on my handbag as a charm.

Here are my 2 boys with their Minions:


Stamping / Zentangle

I am always stamping for cards and always have a pile of random stamped images ready to colour when I get a moment.

Sometimes getting pens or pencils out is to much trouble in an evening, so I reach for a black pen and get tangling.  Currently working on some ideas to celebrate the centenary for remembrance day.

Here is a card I made recently, combining stamping with zentangle:


My creative process?

When I am creating I will usually have some idea of style or process in my mind which I want to work in and will rummage in my stamps or die cuts for a starting point.  I may already have an image I have already coloured. From that I will gather “things” to co-ordinate, whether it be more stamps or masks, stencils or chipboard etc.  Once I have more than enough I start in no particular order and go with the flow.  I tend to find when I have something specific in mind it never actually happens so I prefer to keep things relaxed.  It works for me.

Why I create what I do?

I ultimately make things I like, maybe a design, a colour or a style, whether it is for me or for someone else.

How do I stay focussed/motivated?

I have awful trouble staying focussed at the best of times, but when I do need to meet a deadline I am a huge fan of lists.  I break a task down into manageable steps and find it much less daunting to complete that way and more fun.

As for staying motivated, I only have to look at half started projects or rummage through my stamp collection and I will have a spark of an idea to grow on.

When I get time to relax I like to be doing something, so I fill my time with colouring, drawing or crochet.  As I complete something I am filled with inspiration of what to do with it next.  Ultimately I will have more than one idea so will be inspired to make more.  Time is the only hindrance.

Thank you for visiting my little corner of blog land and listening to my waffling.  I hope I have inspired you in some way.

Please keep following the blog hop here are some links for you…..

Take care and Happy Crafting!


7 thoughts on “Creative Blog Hop

  1. massofhair

    So great to read more about you, Cheeky Chester & Sarah, the puppies look ‘so scrummy’! Great to see both your Sons with their Minions, can see the subtle differences like colour and teeth lol, both are adorable.

    UFO’s seem to be all around don’t they, do you think that these arise from our easily distracted creative natures lol, i think so:-)

    You know i am a huge fan of your Zentangle/doodling style and appreciate your unique pairing with rubber stamp images. Not going to add about how excited i am that you will soon be releasing your own designs of rubber stamps, bows in awe… Nope, keeping that quiet, shhh.

    No waffling here, all fabulous information on what a great creative talent you have. So glad i found your Blog and look forward to many years of your inspiration.

    So glad Sarah asked you to join in the CBH and a huge thank you for the mention.

    Hugs, Mo:-) xxx

    1. blackflowercreative Post author

      Thank you so much for your lovely words and for the lovely Tweet.

      I know the blog post is about crafting but I had to get my doggies in there to…. well they are my rock and my mojo most of the time.

      Ssssh if you can keep a secret, I have been discussing things with a manufacturer so may be getting properly underway very soon. I just have a 2 inch square to fill first. What was that about easily distracted….you have me down to a tea!

      Where are you in the country? I’m in Gloucestershire.

      Crafty hugs xxxx

      1. massofhair

        I’m in Manchester. Agree about getting your puppies in your post, i miss mine a lot it’s been over 20 years & can’t bear to get another, was too heartbreaking when i had to have him put down…

        On a good note yes i can keep a secret, have you done any zentangle background squares which can be used as backgrounds? Lindsay Mason has done a set of Doodled backgrounds i have them & use them a lot on cards and mixed media so if you need a filler…

        Mmmm OH just brought custard tart & coffee so off to enjoy.

        It’s great to tweet your blog posts, i see you don’t so just gave a hopeful helping hand.

        Crafty Hugs back at you 🙂 xxx

  2. Hazel

    Lovely to read your blog and “meet” you. You must have a very busy life with two boys and two pets. Nevertheless you obviously put a lot of love into your makes. Wish that I could crochet and knit. Good luck with your new venture! X

    1. blackflowercreative Post author

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

      My boys and dogs do certainly keep me busy, but I couldn’t be without them.

      I am thrilled you like my crafty makes. Please visit again soon.

      Crafty hugs. xxxx

  3. Sarah Dunkley

    Fab post hunni! Lovely to get to know you a bit better. Thank you for joining in and sharing. I love those minions you made your handsome little fellas! I have minions on my hearing aids at the mo.
    Crafty hugs 🙂 xxx


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