Basic Shapes AA – Amigurumi Addiction


I am really enjoying discovering all the different things you can do with Amigurumi and I am really pleased that it has made crochet “fresh” again for me.  I love to learn new skills and thought that I had done everything crochet had to offer – but I was wrong!

My journey into Amigurumi started in the summer with the desire to make a Minion for my boys, this was before I even knew of Amigurumi.  I was looking on the internet for pictures of Minions to work from when I discovered that many many people had also had the same idea as me and their results were fantastic.

I have since been amazed by all the amazing pictures on the internet and it constantly fills me with enthusiasm to create.

Although I would class myself as very experienced with crochet, I have been a little overwhelmed with instructions on the internet and whilst there is tons of inspiration on the internet I thought it would be a good idea to get to grips with basic shapes and start my projects from scratch.  My theory being once a shape has been made it makes far more sense and understanding and basic shapes could form the basis of any character or animal I then choose to make.

So, in the name of experimenting I have been playing with some basic shapes.  My first attempt is at a pear shape which I have noticed has been used a lot.


I have also learnt that not only is the shape important but the size of the hook. The majority of patterns state the use of a smaller size hook for Amigurumi than I would normally use, this is obviously to make it more dense so the stuffing doesn’t escape, so I played with my basic pear shape using both a 3mm and a 4mm hook.


My conclusion is that I like both versions. The larger when stuffed does not have stuffing visible so is fine.

On to the next shape.

Please visit again soon.


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