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Amigurumi Meerkat for Dad


Following yesterday’s post of an Amigurumi Emperor Penguin for Mum I couldn’t leave me Dad out, who finds meerkats very entertaining, so before Christmas I had the brilliant idea to quickly whip him up an Amigurumi version.  This is what I achieved.




I found a wonderful pattern on the internet (www:// to make it easier and quicker and changed a few things including one of the wools as I had some eyelash wool in a relatively meerkat colour (with a few highlights) which I thought would work.

I used buttons for the eyes and layered 3 sizes together.

Thanks for visiting.



Amigurumi Emperor Penguin for Mum


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Countdown now to the New Year.

I would love to share today a gift I made for my Mum who absolutely adores penguins and as she has seen a few of the things I have made recently, she (not so subtly) requested a penguin.  I of course had this already planned so made excuses that I didn’t have time … sorry!



So I was thrilled to deliver this to her Christmas morning….

Like everything, having made it I can see how I could have done it better (had I more time), however, I am pretty happy with it.

I hope you like it.

Please visit again tomorrow for more Amigurumi.


Saved the Best ‘til Last


Today I would love to share the card I made for my Mum & Dad; my Mum being a huge penguin fan, so it has to be something with a penguin on.  This card I made using a very lovely stamp from Hobby Art.


I hope you like it.

This is my last post now until after Christmas, so may I wish everyone an absolutely wonderful Christmas.  Enjoy everyone!