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Past Projects Reminder 2

Hello again.

I have another past project to share today.

My Mum always keeps everything I make in a box ready to cut up and use in her scrapbooking, so I had a rummage to see what old projects she had lurking.

I found this….


This card was actually one of my very first attempts at colouring with alcohol markers and I coloured a balloon shape to make a 3D Hot Air Balloon off on safari as my Dad loves all things things Africa themed.  The basket of the balloon is made from very tiny strips of card weaved together. I used water coloured pencils for the sky.


I hope you like it.

See you again soon.



Past Project Reminder 1


My goodness it’s cold outside, so all the more reason to stay inside and enjoy all things crafty.

I was helping my Mum recently and was reminded of this canvas I made for her a while ago, using a selection of stamps and dies.




I hope you like it.

TTFN and stay warm.


My puppy is growing into a big boy!


I’m sorry for the lack of crafting in this post but I had to share this photo of my youngest son with my puppy Chester.


I’m not sure who is measuring themselves against who but it tickled me when I caught them.  The bond between them is incredibly strong and I love to watch how pup interacts with him.  His constant sniffing over him (and particularly his head) to check he is ok is as a result of youngest son going head first over his handlebars some 18 months ago and requiring his head being glued back together, but pup still checks his head thoroughly given any opportunity.


It was Jan 2013 when OH went to Wales in the snow to fetch my little bundle of fun and after 2 years he still the same bundle of fun but much much bigger.  Weighing in now approx 70 kg and not yet fully grown, he is the biggest soft lapdog you could possibly imagine. I just wish he would stop standing on my toes with his big clumsy paws.

Thanks for visiting, please come back for some more crafty things.




Doodled Puffin Work In Progress


I hope you are not too cold. I am disappointed not to have had any snow with it being soooooo cold.  Anyhow, I would love to share a doodle I have been working on whilst toasting by the fire.


Now, I know I am supposed to be working on clearing my stash of “unfinished projects” so this one currently remains as “work in progress” which is totally different …. I keep telling OH anyway.

I love zentangle and that style but I fancied going in a totally different direction and this is what I ended up with.


I can’t decide whether to do add some grey shading or go full on colour.  Decisions!

What would you do?

Anyway, I hope you like it, I would love to hear your comments.



UFO Crochet Blankets for boys


I think it was back in the summer when I finished some larger projects that had been sitting around for a while and it wasn’t until Christmas when I put the boys new duvets sets on that I remembered I had done them so promptly hooked them out and put them on their beds in their newly decorated rooms.

This is little boys…


This is slightly bigger boys….


How lucky was I that I had decorated in the same colours!



Christmas Present catch-up 2 – Minecraft Creeper


My original plan for my boys for Christmas was a Minecraft Creeper as they both adore that game.  So, I selected an assortment of greens and set to work making tons of minature little granny squares before sewing them together. The beauty of amigurumi is there is no reason to darn ends in as they are all hidden inside and add to the stuffing in cases like these where there are tons.


In theory it really should have been a cube but I thought that was too big so reduced the sides.

Here is how I made them…

I started with little squares in different shades of green


and made a heap of them


I then made panels for the front and back



so I made 4 in total to make 2 creepers


I then made the sides


I added detail for the face and attached the sides to the front


Then lastly, added the back and stuffed.  You can see only a few of the ends here, it really did help towards the stuffing.

I hope you like my Creeper.

Thanks for visiting.