Minion Take 3 – The perfect stocking filler

Happy New Year!

Sorry for my absence for the past week however, I have been busy playing boardgames and watching films with my boys and cuddling my doggies … which to me is what Christmas is about.

Anyway, back on track now and I would love to share a make I made for my friend prior to Christmas.


It was following the success of my Minion makes in the summer, my friend asked me to make one for her daughter who is equally as obsessed with Minions.  I normally dislike doing the same thing repeatedly, so I decided to make a mini-Minion.

The basis to my Minion is a tube shape and I made various shapes to add to it, in a more simplified way than the original.

I successfully managed to get the minion done and thought it would be perfect for her daughter at Christmas so I set to making other shapes for her other 2 daughters.

I thought a simple heart would be great for her eldest daughter which I decorated with some beads….


….and a little bird told me one daughter loved Moshi Monsters, so I set to making a “Moshi”.  I’m not quite sure how (if at all) accurate it is, however it is my interpretation of one.


I hope you like them.

Thanks for visiting my little blog.


3 thoughts on “Minion Take 3 – The perfect stocking filler

  1. massofhair

    I have a minion tune alerting me to incoming text msgs, it always makes people laugh so i think i can join in with being a minion fan despite being close to 60 lol.

    Your mini minion is adorable and i am sure much loved, glad you found an easier way to construct them. Moshi’s on the other hand are???

    Glad you all had a fantastic Xmas:-) xxx

    1. blackflowercreative Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I am pleased you like my mini minion. Moshi monsters … yes … quite. My boys luckily were never really into them. Odd little things, quite girly.

      Hope you had a good Christmas. xxx


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