Christmas Present catch-up – Mini Minions


Following my previous post, I knew my boys would love a Mini-Minion to add to their collection so I set to making another 2 to add to their Christmas presents.

Being small, they didn’t take that long to crochet.  What takes the time with these is sewing all the components together.


It’s funny how with every attempt I find improvements.  With this version I think I have cracked the goggles… I wonder how many more I need to do before I perfect it all together…. None I will be quite happy if I don’t see another Minion for a while.  However, saying that I would like to make an even more minature one and have as a handbag charm.

Here is how I made them..

I started with a tube body.


added eyes and arms


made dungarees with legs and straps


and lastly the goggles


I hope you like them.



4 thoughts on “Christmas Present catch-up – Mini Minions

    1. blackflowercreative Post author

      Thanks for the brilliant suggestion about felt for goggles I will have to try that….

      Thanks for the kick up the backside about the stamps. I was all but there and then I had a massive attack of self-doubt and went stagnent. However, I have now just emailed and am waiting back on advice from the manufacturer whether my designs are do-able or need amending. However, I think we spoke about digi-stamps which I am working on but am unsure on what format to produce them in. Do you use digi-stamps much? Do you know how they normally come?

      Thanks as always for your lovely comments and support!

      1. massofhair

        A whole other ball game now with digital stamps, if you want to sell them you might want to go and look at the VAT rules for Digital Craft before making any decisions.

        Always a good idea to do .PNG or .JPG versions in case people want to use them in software progs like Craft Artist for example as well as printing them.

        I use Digi Kits which i either make myself or buy them via Serif/Daisytrail website.

        Looking forward to hearing when stamps will be released! 🙂 xxx

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