Christmas Present catch-up 2 – Minecraft Creeper


My original plan for my boys for Christmas was a Minecraft Creeper as they both adore that game.  So, I selected an assortment of greens and set to work making tons of minature little granny squares before sewing them together. The beauty of amigurumi is there is no reason to darn ends in as they are all hidden inside and add to the stuffing in cases like these where there are tons.


In theory it really should have been a cube but I thought that was too big so reduced the sides.

Here is how I made them…

I started with little squares in different shades of green


and made a heap of them


I then made panels for the front and back



so I made 4 in total to make 2 creepers


I then made the sides


I added detail for the face and attached the sides to the front


Then lastly, added the back and stuffed.  You can see only a few of the ends here, it really did help towards the stuffing.

I hope you like my Creeper.

Thanks for visiting.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Present catch-up 2 – Minecraft Creeper

  1. massofhair

    Amazing Creeper even though i have absolutely no idea what one is (not a gamer), the patience you must have to make all those tiny little squares is phenomenal, way to go Mum 🙂 xxx


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