My puppy is growing into a big boy!


I’m sorry for the lack of crafting in this post but I had to share this photo of my youngest son with my puppy Chester.


I’m not sure who is measuring themselves against who but it tickled me when I caught them.  The bond between them is incredibly strong and I love to watch how pup interacts with him.  His constant sniffing over him (and particularly his head) to check he is ok is as a result of youngest son going head first over his handlebars some 18 months ago and requiring his head being glued back together, but pup still checks his head thoroughly given any opportunity.


It was Jan 2013 when OH went to Wales in the snow to fetch my little bundle of fun and after 2 years he still the same bundle of fun but much much bigger.  Weighing in now approx 70 kg and not yet fully grown, he is the biggest soft lapdog you could possibly imagine. I just wish he would stop standing on my toes with his big clumsy paws.

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