Trusty Teal Dragonfly


I have been doing some quick cards recently and I fancied doing something a little more involved.  So I reached for a selection of my favourite stamps and collage stamped a background.  Not surprising I reached for my trusty teal inkpad.



The crochet lace is a length I had made previously and I also found the perfect beaded dragonfly to hang in the aperture.



Thanks for visiting me in blogland.

Take care.


9 thoughts on “Trusty Teal Dragonfly

      1. massofhair

        Am on room 2, exhausted and frustrated and yet smiley because i can finally see all the stash and start an index/list of items i have. More to do next week, getting rid of some old pieces of furniture but my crafting head wants to keep and update. Decisions decisions…

        Missing crafting so much but NEED to finish what i started. Thank you for asking:-) xxx

      2. blackflowercreative Post author

        It sounds like you are making great progress! Think about how much more crafting you will be able to do without time spent looking for bits. I need to do the same …. when I get chance. Take care

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