Crochet Flowers


I have some little crochet flowers to share today which I make using any odd scraps of yarn and cotton.  I always find them a useful thing to have as a standby for any project which may need an embellishment.  I particularly like using the paler colours as these can always be coloured using pens or inks to co-ordinate with whatever I need.  Very useful indeed.


I would like to share my top tip regarding the size of crochet hook to cotton/yarn. Obviously the size of hook is important to the weight of yarn or cotton but it’s also a nice idea to experiment with different sized hooks with the same yarn to create a mixture of sized flowers, some will turn out tight and full and others loopier, but together they will all co-ordinate.

It’s also a lovely idea to combine 2 threads together with a larger hook to create an even larger flower.

Here I have used each thread individually with a co-ordinated sized hook and combined them to create a third flower.  I think they will look stunning all used together on a project.


I hope you have liked todays post, please visit again soon for more inspiration.



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