Holiday Crochet Amigurumi Bits


I haven’t had any time this last week to prepare anything to show you I’m afraid so instead I thought I would share the oddities that I brought home with me from holiday.

I hurriedly packed with me a couple of random balls of wool and a lovely Amigurumi magazine and had no intention of doing anything specific.  This is one project I started ….


It is of course the beginnings of a “Hippo”.  It only got this far because I ran out of my 100g ball of wool.  It would have to wait until I got home to buy another ball.

In my haste of getting started I failed to read the requirements for the project and assumed it would be a small figure like all the other things I have made have turned out to be, however, this one is a whopper and says it needs 3 balls of wool.   Ooops!

As I obviously didn’t take stuffing with me either, I left a sufficient length on each piece to finish the last 2 rows once stuffed back home, I hope.

That’s all for now.


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