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A little Typography


I really love quotes and I really love typography so I had the idea ages ago to combine the two in an art journal.

Here is a quote I quickly sketched to appear on a page soon.


How true?

Have a great weekend!



Pot Pourri Hearts


I found the photos!

Here is one of the Pot Pourri Crochet Hearts I made for Teachers Thank Yous.


And here they are packaged ready to take to school.


To stop the Pot Pourri from escaping through the holes of the hearts I made a smaller heart out of some old navy T-shirt material.

I hope you like them.



Teachers Thank You Gifts


It’s that time of year again to make some Teachers Thank You Gifts and luckily I had started these back in April so I didn’t have much to finish.  Apologies photo coming soon for the Pot Pourri filled Crochet Hearts.

This week has been another “challenging” week, it was my little boys last week at Primary School so he’s had a lot of things going on and my bigger boy fractured his collar bone on Tuesday so got to start his summer holidays early, however with a sling for 6 weeks….Oooops! So apologies for no further crafty things.  Hopefully I will catch up soon….

Have a great weekend.


I love people having a clearout!


I love other people having a clear out as today has proved with my Mum passing on a selection of brand new wool she has been given.

My Mum knits wonderful little baby and toddler jumpers and garments as well as using oddments for beautiful blankets, so she often is on the receiving end of donations, however, today she received 2 gigantic bags of wool containing all whole new balls of wool in a selection of colours.  Included in the stash was some dark green which she didn’t fancy using a load of, oddments in blankets is fine, but not her choice of colour to knit a jumper as its to similar to school uniform really, but she knew I had been searching for dark green with my intention to make Plants vs Zombies Amigurumi figures.

So there you have it, I now have 3 balls of dark green, 2 balls of fluorescent green and 1 ball of yellow.  Perfect for some plants. All I need now is time.

Have a great weekend.


Finished UFO for Mum


I have my favourite gift to share today which is another finished UFO. I started this one with intent on holiday thinking it would make a perfect gift for my Mum. Unfortunately, I was so keen to get started I failed to read the ingredients list and missed the quantity of yarn required.  The majority of amigurumi projects I have done have been tiny and have needed less than 100gr. However, this one required 3 balls of yarn and sadly I had only taken 1 with me of that colour.  So, I had to put it to one side until my return home where I could gather more supplies.  So here she is … Harriot, as named by Mum.


I used a pattern from an Amigurumi magazine, which I don’t normally like but thought it perfect to take on holiday with me.  I’m so pleased I bought the magazine.  However, the proper one was grey and came with clothes, hat, rubber ring and a boat but time had ran out so nude she remained.


I also added a trio of buttons for eyes which I have now done quite a lot and like the look of, obviously safety eyes could have been used if you prefer.


As I say, she took quite some wool and even more stuffing and thought Mum might think her too big to have, sadly this wasn’t the case and Mum was more than happy to take her.  She currently sits in my Dad’s seat.  I wonder where she will go when Dad comes home…….

I hope you like it.




Mum’s Birthday Card


Today I have my Mum’s Birthday Card to share which I am quite ashamed to say I quickly threw together.


I die cut the vases out of some patterned paper which to me resembled old fashioned crockery, which I thought my Mum would like.


I then raided my ready-made flower collection, which I never use as I tend to make flowers now. That being the case I thought I would be lavish and use loads, so I selected various flowers in a purple theme.


Shaping the vases here is vital to create the true vase shape.

I think she liked it and I wouldn’t be surprised if she will remove each vase to feature on her own cards or scrapbook pages.

Thanks for visiting.


Finished UFO for Dad


Further to previous post featuring Dad’s card, I now would like to share a quick gift I made which was totally inspired by my naming and shaming of UFO’s.  I featured the finished bits for a monkey and thought I could quickly finish that for my Dad to cheer him up and keep in hospital with him for company.


I did use a pattern for this which is well worth checking out, I will try and find the original to give credit, its a brilliant little monkey.


I added more stuffing to him than the pattern says as I wanted him full not flappy and I also added pipe cleaners (sorry chenille sticks as they are called now but sorry they will always be pipe cleaners to me) in his tail to aid his balance.  I since thought I could have added pipe cleaners to his other limbs to make him mouldable, something to think about next time.


Nice little chap.  I hope you like it.

My plan sadly failed with regards to company for my Dad as he insisted he went home safe so he wouldn’t go walkies because everyone would want him, so he is currently safe and well at home awaiting my Dad’s return.

I hope you like him.