Amigurumi Giraffes underway


I had the brilliant idea of starting a few projects for Christmas presents and at the top of the list was to make Giraffes.  The idea came from my post featuring a multi-coloured giraffe and I thought of my sister-in-law and 2 nieces who, very sadly due to a bereavement, love giraffes and anything giraffe themed. So I thought an amigurumi giraffe bagcharm would make a good addition to their Christmas presents.

Here is the head and body….


And these strange looking bits are the ears and horns….


I didn’t want the giraffes to be too large for a bag charm so instead of altering the pattern I used  a 2.00mm hook instead of a 3.00mm which I would normally use. I also bought some Double Knit wool which seemed slightly thinner to make it easier to work.

A great start!

Thanks for visiting.



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