Birthday Blanket for Nan


Its my OH’s Nan’s Birthday in October and I thought I would make her a lap blanket to keep her warm through the winter.


I had this gorgeous wool in my stash which I had hoped to make into a lacy garment for myself but as that had obviously not been forthcoming, I thought it would be perfect.

By coincidence my Mum had been making some baby blankets for charity and I just fell in love with one.  It’s such a simple stitch but gave a really lovely effect, as is the case with most crochet.

So with wool and pattern sorted, I started.

Except it went slightly wrong and somehow I managed to increase at the start of every row which made the shape expand, so there was only one thing for it, I had to unravel it and start again.  I realised my error and to avoid it happening again I swapped the 4 rows of half treble crochet in the middle of the patterned rows to simple treble stitch.

This worked much better and now I’m back to where I was.

Thanks for visiting.


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