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Patchwork – English Paper Piecing – Pencil Wrap 2


I thought I would update you with the progress of this project.

It has grown really well.

I have got the main shapes attached to the size I want and am now working on filling the gaps in.

These shapes are to fill in the gaps and they have inspired me for another project.

And this is once the gaps are starting to be filled…

Not far off finishing now and I haven’t got bored …yet!




Birthday card for Mum


Following me previous posts, birthday season has to include Mum and I always try to make this card super special.

This is what I did…

Mum loves cross-stitch and often makes me cards using cross-stitch. It’s actually where my crafting started when I was a little girl, but I don’t find the time to do it as often as I used to. So I thought it would be perfect for Mum to take some extra time with this one.

The cross stitch was a free kit on a magazine which I bought probably a year ago, and thought this design would be perfect.

Once I had completed the cross-stitch I decided not to mount it as the kit suggested but to add some paper flowers.

I watercoloured some white card…

I then used a flower die to cut some flowers…

I used the matching stamps to add some detail…

I then shaped each flower and layered up.

I cut some hexagon dies to use as a base for the cross stitch and added the flowers…

She liked it.

Thanks for visiting.


Fathers Day card for Dad


Further to my previous post, my Dad’s birthday and Fathers Day are always the same week, so it always makes it difficult to make cards.  So, in line with his Birthday card, this was his Fathers Day card…

I used my new XCut die set.

I cut everything in white cardstock and coloured with watercolours…

I then assembled giving depth to each layer of water and added the embelishments.

I love the skull and crossbow on the ship, such detail in the dies.

Another perfectly age appropriate card!

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Birthday Card for Dad


June for me is birthday season, so I can now share my Dad’s Birthday Card.

I was at a loss what to do for him on his 82nd birthday so as he is ex RAF and likes planes, this is what I did…

I used my new die set from XCut.

I cut everything in white cardstock and coloured everything using watercolours…

I watercoloured the background…

I watercoloured the components…

and assembled…

Then put it all together…

The plane and ship are connected on a split pin, so they actually move around the world…

Absolutely appropriate for an 82nd birthday…I think!