Black Flower

I dedicate this blog to my beautiful German Shepherd “Black Flower” who sadly passed away July 2012 and who I miss terribly.

Holly German Shepherd

Otherwise known as “Holly” she was not only an effective guard dog to my home and children, she was truly my best friend and I am lost without her.

Holly was a very special dog. She welcomed both my babies and immediately took on the role of Nanny. She never minded being pulled, poked or used as a fluffy pillow. She loved to work and she loved her job.

She has always been my rock and has constantly inspired me to overcome any hurdles.

I owe so much to her and she remains in my heart forever!

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

8 thoughts on “Black Flower

    1. blackflowercreative Post author

      Thank you for that poem. It is absolutely beautiful and so true. It has brought a tear to my eye.

      My thoughts are with your son for such a difficult time. I adore Shepherds particularly but dogs of all kinds, they give unconditional love …. always! 13 years is still not long enough though, is it?

      Thanks for looking at my Zentangles, I have a couple coming up in the next couple of weeks to share, so please visit again soon.

      Take care. x.

  1. jessica

    My dad had and has German. Shepherds and they are beautiful dogs, I love them and I know when ur best friend passes away it hurts.


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