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My Doodle Treble Clef is 5 Years Old


I can’t believe it was 5 years ago I posted my Treble Clef Doodle.

At the time I didn’t think anyone would like it so I didn’t put any watermark on it.  I then posted it on Pinterest with my details in the information box and I am amazed it has been repinned over 53,000 times and that is just one copy of the picture – there are many many more.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that the original comment was not ‘anchored’ to the picture and so my details have since been lost.

Along with that I find it truly disheartening that there are umpteen exact copies of it with people passing it off as their own work.  I appreciate art is inspirational and that is why I started my blog but it is hurtful when it is abused.  I love to inspire but I do not condone stealing.

Lesson learnt – I will be more careful!

I choose to focus on the 53K repins and not the bad side.

I would love to hear if anybody else has been affected in this way or has any advice.

Thanks for visiting.



Happy Book Post


I love getting nice post in the morning, it always makes such a nice change from all the boring stuff, but I have recently had some super fabby post…

mindfulnesspianocollection cov

Now I only wish I could actually play the lovely music in the book.  Sadly my musical talents did not advance past school.  However, my lovely treble clef illustration was chosen for the front cover and how good it looks too …. although I may be slightly biased.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, information as follows:

Mindfulness: the piano collection
ISBN: 0571539548
Price: £9.99
Available from



A quick doggy watercolour


I am back with my phone now … thank goodness!

So I am pleased to share the quick watercolour I threw together yesterday to appear on an art journal page soon.  I used my doggy stamp I drew using my very lovely puppy for a model.  I coloured it in true Swissy colours but have drawn the stamp to be adaptable.


I hope you like it.




Zentangle Seahorse


I have another doodle to share today.

This is a funny one because I started it probably a year ago but got stuck at a point where I didn’t like anything I did.  But recently, I felt the urge to complete what I had started and was determined to finish it as I love the seahorse shape.




I hope you like it. Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend everyone.