Patchwork Project – English Paper Piecing – Pencil Wrap


I had the brilliant idea of making a pencil wrap for the very collection of drawing pencils and pens I use for drawing when I’m sitting on the sofa. The main need for this arose when I tried, sadly without success, to save a beautiful Faber Castell 4B pencil from my lovely dog who was ‘playing’ with it at the time. He had succeeded in sneaking it away from me without my noticing.  So in memory of my much loved pencil I embarked on my new project.

I decided to use the hexagon die set I have from Crafters Companion and selected the middle size.  Whilst I realise that it is smaller and will take far longer than using one of the larger sizes I thought the pattern would be more effective on a little project with smaller shapes, or else the pattern would get lost.

So this is what I did:

Stage 1: Cut paper shapes (using recycled paper that I had previously printed on) – DONE

Stage 2: Cover paper pieces with fabric – DONE

Stage 3: Join 9 hexagons together to make 1 piece – COMPLETED SOME

Stage 4: Join completed shapes together – COMPLETED SOME

Having laid the shapes out to get the pattern of colours I then joined them in 3’s to make a line and then joined those lines together.

Just have to do some more now and make it bigger.

Please come back to see my progress.



Teacher Thank Yous


It is usually around this time of the year that I used to have to think about a Thank You gift for my boys teachers, but thankfully they are now both at secondary school and don’t do that sort of thing anymore.  I then stumbled across this photo from many years ago when my little one was at primary.  It took him ages to write the notes (using my much used Sizzix tag die).

The hearts are stuffed with pot pourri and are crocheted using a lovely variegated cotton.

I hope the teachers liked them.

Thanks for visiting.


Recycled colour wheel


I was playing with colour combinations recently and had the great idea to recycle the left over paint colour cards from some decorating a while ago into a colour wheel.

Here is the starting point.



I’m sure I can add in further colours as and when I have the appropriate cards.