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The answer to a UFO!


Do you reminder a while ago I blogged about some random half-finished amigurumi bits. They looked like this…


Well I finished it, or rather him…


Isn’t he great.  I found this fabulous pattern on the internet, search for Amigurumi Elmo.  I believe there was a cookie monster to go with him.

One UFO down, plenty more to go.



Amigurumi Giraffes underway


I had the brilliant idea of starting a few projects for Christmas presents and at the top of the list was to make Giraffes.  The idea came from my post http://wp.me/p385yc-zZ featuring a multi-coloured giraffe and I thought of my sister-in-law and 2 nieces who, very sadly due to a bereavement, love giraffes and anything giraffe themed. So I thought an amigurumi giraffe bagcharm would make a good addition to their Christmas presents.

Here is the head and body….


And these strange looking bits are the ears and horns….


I didn’t want the giraffes to be too large for a bag charm so instead of altering the pattern I used  a 2.00mm hook instead of a 3.00mm which I would normally use. I also bought some Double Knit wool which seemed slightly thinner to make it easier to work.

A great start!

Thanks for visiting.



Finished UFO for Mum


I have my favourite gift to share today which is another finished UFO. I started this one with intent on holiday thinking it would make a perfect gift for my Mum. Unfortunately, I was so keen to get started I failed to read the ingredients list and missed the quantity of yarn required.  The majority of amigurumi projects I have done have been tiny and have needed less than 100gr. However, this one required 3 balls of yarn and sadly I had only taken 1 with me of that colour.  So, I had to put it to one side until my return home where I could gather more supplies.  So here she is … Harriot, as named by Mum.


I used a pattern from an Amigurumi magazine, which I don’t normally like but thought it perfect to take on holiday with me.  I’m so pleased I bought the magazine.  However, the proper one was grey and came with clothes, hat, rubber ring and a boat but time had ran out so nude she remained.


I also added a trio of buttons for eyes which I have now done quite a lot and like the look of, obviously safety eyes could have been used if you prefer.


As I say, she took quite some wool and even more stuffing and thought Mum might think her too big to have, sadly this wasn’t the case and Mum was more than happy to take her.  She currently sits in my Dad’s seat.  I wonder where she will go when Dad comes home…….

I hope you like it.




Finished UFO for Dad


Further to previous post featuring Dad’s card, I now would like to share a quick gift I made which was totally inspired by my naming and shaming of UFO’s.  I featured the finished bits for a monkey and thought I could quickly finish that for my Dad to cheer him up and keep in hospital with him for company.


I did use a pattern for this which is well worth checking out, I will try and find the original to give credit, its a brilliant little monkey.


I added more stuffing to him than the pattern says as I wanted him full not flappy and I also added pipe cleaners (sorry chenille sticks as they are called now but sorry they will always be pipe cleaners to me) in his tail to aid his balance.  I since thought I could have added pipe cleaners to his other limbs to make him mouldable, something to think about next time.


Nice little chap.  I hope you like it.

My plan sadly failed with regards to company for my Dad as he insisted he went home safe so he wouldn’t go walkies because everyone would want him, so he is currently safe and well at home awaiting my Dad’s return.

I hope you like him.



Christmas Present catch-up – Mini Minions


Following my previous post http://wp.me/p385yc-vr, I knew my boys would love a Mini-Minion to add to their collection so I set to making another 2 to add to their Christmas presents.

Being small, they didn’t take that long to crochet.  What takes the time with these is sewing all the components together.


It’s funny how with every attempt I find improvements.  With this version I think I have cracked the goggles… I wonder how many more I need to do before I perfect it all together…. None I will be quite happy if I don’t see another Minion for a while.  However, saying that I would like to make an even more minature one and have as a handbag charm.

Here is how I made them..

I started with a tube body.


added eyes and arms


made dungarees with legs and straps


and lastly the goggles


I hope you like them.



Minion Take 3 – The perfect stocking filler

Happy New Year!

Sorry for my absence for the past week however, I have been busy playing boardgames and watching films with my boys and cuddling my doggies … which to me is what Christmas is about.

Anyway, back on track now and I would love to share a make I made for my friend prior to Christmas.


It was following the success of my Minion makes in the summer, my friend asked me to make one for her daughter who is equally as obsessed with Minions.  I normally dislike doing the same thing repeatedly, so I decided to make a mini-Minion.

The basis to my Minion is a tube shape and I made various shapes to add to it, in a more simplified way than the original.

I successfully managed to get the minion done and thought it would be perfect for her daughter at Christmas so I set to making other shapes for her other 2 daughters.

I thought a simple heart would be great for her eldest daughter which I decorated with some beads….


….and a little bird told me one daughter loved Moshi Monsters, so I set to making a “Moshi”.  I’m not quite sure how (if at all) accurate it is, however it is my interpretation of one.


I hope you like them.

Thanks for visiting my little blog.


Amigurumi Meerkat for Dad


Following yesterday’s post of an Amigurumi Emperor Penguin for Mum I couldn’t leave me Dad out, who finds meerkats very entertaining, so before Christmas I had the brilliant idea to quickly whip him up an Amigurumi version.  This is what I achieved.




I found a wonderful pattern on the internet (www://littlegreen.typepad.com) to make it easier and quicker and changed a few things including one of the wools as I had some eyelash wool in a relatively meerkat colour (with a few highlights) which I thought would work.

I used buttons for the eyes and layered 3 sizes together.

Thanks for visiting.


Amigurumi Star


I am loving Amigurumi at the moment and I stumbled across this star pattern on the internet and it is surprisingly easy.  I was very impressed and had to share.


I think made in pink it would make a super Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants.

Please check out the internet for more inspiration on Amigurumi, there is so much out there.