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Jewellery Batch Number 4

I have discovered a problem with making jewellery for gifts….. I want to keep them all! So I have had to make plenty to ensure a couple are spare.

Here are the latest offerings heading for family and teachers..





Oooooh which do I keep for myself?

P.S. There were a couple more but they got snapped up by my Mum….well she is worth it!


Jewellery Batch Number 3

Here are some more bracelets today using my quickly diminishing stash of treasures.


I like that every item is individual and different from the last, albeit similar.

I take pleasure in the planning and placement of the beads first to ensure there are sufficient to complete the design.  It’s like a puzzle finding the best usage of the beads and “hey presto” the design and the technique is decided for me.

It is also very therapeutic to do … until a dog swipes all the beads with his or her tail.  I know as I have repeatedly had the pleasure of retrieving all the beads.

See you again soon.

Jewellery Batch Number 2

Hello again.

As promised here are some more creations using my beloved stash of beads.


And yes…. like the last lot I want to keep these too. Must make more!!!!

The soft colour tones in the beads make them a very adaptable piece of jewellery and I do like an accent bead or two.

More coming soon.

Thanks for visiting!

Jewellery Batch Number 1

Something a little bit different today!

When the children go back to school, I automatically start thinking about Christmas (Shhhhh… I said it quietly).  With that in mind I have started making an assortment of bracelets ready for presents.

Here are the first lot.


I have been very brave and have raided by beloved bead stash of beautiful treasures that simply must never be used and have created these 4 bracelets which all are comfortable to wear and have a lovely movement to them.

I regret I do not know the names of any techniques because I simply start with my thread and start “sewing” as such.

The only trouble is ….. I want to keep everything for myself!

See you again soon with another creation or two!