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Novelty Crochet Christmas Chocolate Holders


I have a brilliant post today to share.  I think they make quite the addition to any Christmas table for a post-Christmas Dinner chocolate which is discretely concealed inside.

I got the idea from a friend who was knitting similar things for charity sales but as I don’t knit I thought I would come up with some crochet alternatives.


Hopefully I will have some more done for next Christmas.



Crochet Charity Blanket


I have finished the sewing together and the dreaded darning which seems to go on forever but here is the finished blanket.


This is a variant on a blanket I did recently.  I love the rib detailing you can achieve by anchoring the treble crochet around the body of the stitch instead of through the chain at the top.


So simple but so effective.


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Granny Squares for Charity


I really enjoyed just doing some simple crochet for a change without all the intricate shaping and I thought it was about time I made another blanket for charity.


I searched at length at all the different “Granny Square” possibilities but settled for my favourite rib stitch.  I did a similar blanket for my friend earlier in the year but this time I wanted to make the squares larger and I started each square with a magic ring for a different look.


3 made, lots more to go.

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Birthday Blanket for Nan


Its my OH’s Nan’s Birthday in October and I thought I would make her a lap blanket to keep her warm through the winter.


I had this gorgeous wool in my stash which I had hoped to make into a lacy garment for myself but as that had obviously not been forthcoming, I thought it would be perfect.

By coincidence my Mum had been making some baby blankets for charity and I just fell in love with one.  It’s such a simple stitch but gave a really lovely effect, as is the case with most crochet.

So with wool and pattern sorted, I started.

Except it went slightly wrong and somehow I managed to increase at the start of every row which made the shape expand, so there was only one thing for it, I had to unravel it and start again.  I realised my error and to avoid it happening again I swapped the 4 rows of half treble crochet in the middle of the patterned rows to simple treble stitch.

This worked much better and now I’m back to where I was.

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Crochet Flowers


I have some little crochet flowers to share today which I make using any odd scraps of yarn and cotton.  I always find them a useful thing to have as a standby for any project which may need an embellishment.  I particularly like using the paler colours as these can always be coloured using pens or inks to co-ordinate with whatever I need.  Very useful indeed.


I would like to share my top tip regarding the size of crochet hook to cotton/yarn. Obviously the size of hook is important to the weight of yarn or cotton but it’s also a nice idea to experiment with different sized hooks with the same yarn to create a mixture of sized flowers, some will turn out tight and full and others loopier, but together they will all co-ordinate.

It’s also a lovely idea to combine 2 threads together with a larger hook to create an even larger flower.

Here I have used each thread individually with a co-ordinated sized hook and combined them to create a third flower.  I think they will look stunning all used together on a project.


I hope you have liked todays post, please visit again soon for more inspiration.



Pink Blanket of Granny Squares


“A change is as good as a rest” they say, so I was thrilled when my friend asked if I could make her another blanket for her baby but this time bigger to fit her cot.  Her babies cot and room is very subtle and neutral but there was a sparkle in her eye when she suggested something pink.  Now pink is always out of bounds as I am a purple girl, so I promptly went to select a few shades of pink to commence a blanket. I made my selection; bright pink, pale pink and oops a purple one but it did have a pink fleck in.



With my recent project for my boys involving larger time consuming squares I opted for smaller squares, plus I thought this would work better for a smaller blanket anyway.


I chose to do a granny square I did many years ago when I bought my first house and filled it with afghans.  A very simple granny square but very effective as it creates a “rib” effect by anchoring the treble around the post instead of using the chain at the top.  It is also very dense and warm.


I managed to get the blanket finished over Christmas and needless to say, she was thrilled to bits with it. It’s always a pleasure to make things when they are appreciated and always a pleasure to go and have cuddles with her little baby who is now crawling.

I hope you like it.

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Basic Shapes AA – Amigurumi Addiction


I am really enjoying discovering all the different things you can do with Amigurumi and I am really pleased that it has made crochet “fresh” again for me.  I love to learn new skills and thought that I had done everything crochet had to offer – but I was wrong!

My journey into Amigurumi started in the summer with the desire to make a Minion for my boys, this was before I even knew of Amigurumi.  I was looking on the internet for pictures of Minions to work from when I discovered that many many people had also had the same idea as me and their results were fantastic.

I have since been amazed by all the amazing pictures on the internet and it constantly fills me with enthusiasm to create.

Although I would class myself as very experienced with crochet, I have been a little overwhelmed with instructions on the internet and whilst there is tons of inspiration on the internet I thought it would be a good idea to get to grips with basic shapes and start my projects from scratch.  My theory being once a shape has been made it makes far more sense and understanding and basic shapes could form the basis of any character or animal I then choose to make.

So, in the name of experimenting I have been playing with some basic shapes.  My first attempt is at a pear shape which I have noticed has been used a lot.


I have also learnt that not only is the shape important but the size of the hook. The majority of patterns state the use of a smaller size hook for Amigurumi than I would normally use, this is obviously to make it more dense so the stuffing doesn’t escape, so I played with my basic pear shape using both a 3mm and a 4mm hook.


My conclusion is that I like both versions. The larger when stuffed does not have stuffing visible so is fine.

On to the next shape.

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Crochet Squares update


I know this is naughty but I thought I would have a break in making the squares and start sewing together the first blanket.  Here they are all laid out ready to be stitched.



Great photo bombing by my youngest who was helping to arrange them and who was very keen to try out his new blanket.  No pressure then!  Note the little puppies feet, never far away from me … bless him.


My little girl had to get in on the action as well but not quite so helpful.

Darning here I come.

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Crochet Squares update


It has been a while since I last updated you on my blanket progress and now the cold weather is really starting to set in I thought I would check on my own progress. So here are the squares all sorted so far and I am thrilled that the end is in sight and I do not have many more to do to complete both blankets.


I have used a collection of colours which I had left over from projects and bought for projects never started, but I am really pleased with the colours and think they will work well together.

Just a few more to get done. Yippee!