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Pastel Pencil Heaven

Hello on this rainy Sunday afternoon.

I am not gloomy however, due to the fantastic post that Mr Postman brought me yesterday…..A belated Christmas present from OH!


I adore pencils. I think they are beautiful and nothing makes me smile more than seeing freshly sharpened points on pencils ready for playing with.

So what do will I use them for?…..It can be only one thing. One of my beautiful doggies.

I love looking through photographs, however, I do not enjoy organising a pile of 500 into some sort of order.  However, I have found a selection of possibilities to try, just need to narrow down my choices.


Or these….


I always think this is the most time consuming part of any project….Actually deciding what to do!

Hoping I do get on with it pretty sharpish I will share my results.

See you again soon.



I hope everyone has enjoyed the festive season and I sincerely wish a Happy New Year to all!

I am thrilled I got to spend my 15th Christmas with my gorgeous labrador Morgan, my 2nd with my very lovely angel Sarah (Sezzie or Bubbles, she answers to all) and my 1st with my little tiny terrorist of a puppy Chester (weighing in at 60 kg of naughtiness).¬† Here are a few photos of them enjoying their Christmas squeaky toys….




My Morgan may be the smallest but there is no way he is sharing his toys ….. He’s a lovely boy!

Anyway I have been doodling over Christmas with my boys and this is the fruit of my labours¬† …..


The word, I think is very appropriate for the start of a new year.



I do not set any resolutions, however I am determined to finish some of the many boxes of half started projects I have lying around before starting anything new. So please visit again soon.