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Crochet Charity Blanket


I have finished the sewing together and the dreaded darning which seems to go on forever but here is the finished blanket.


This is a variant on a blanket I did recently.  I love the rib detailing you can achieve by anchoring the treble crochet around the body of the stitch instead of through the chain at the top.


So simple but so effective.


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Granny Squares for Charity


I really enjoyed just doing some simple crochet for a change without all the intricate shaping and I thought it was about time I made another blanket for charity.


I searched at length at all the different “Granny Square” possibilities but settled for my favourite rib stitch.  I did a similar blanket for my friend earlier in the year but this time I wanted to make the squares larger and I started each square with a magic ring for a different look.


3 made, lots more to go.

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Pink Blanket of Granny Squares


“A change is as good as a rest” they say, so I was thrilled when my friend asked if I could make her another blanket for her baby but this time bigger to fit her cot.  Her babies cot and room is very subtle and neutral but there was a sparkle in her eye when she suggested something pink.  Now pink is always out of bounds as I am a purple girl, so I promptly went to select a few shades of pink to commence a blanket. I made my selection; bright pink, pale pink and oops a purple one but it did have a pink fleck in.



With my recent project for my boys involving larger time consuming squares I opted for smaller squares, plus I thought this would work better for a smaller blanket anyway.


I chose to do a granny square I did many years ago when I bought my first house and filled it with afghans.  A very simple granny square but very effective as it creates a “rib” effect by anchoring the treble around the post instead of using the chain at the top.  It is also very dense and warm.


I managed to get the blanket finished over Christmas and needless to say, she was thrilled to bits with it. It’s always a pleasure to make things when they are appreciated and always a pleasure to go and have cuddles with her little baby who is now crawling.

I hope you like it.

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