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Chester interrupts more fabric bundles


I have been rather absent recently due to a broken finger, which has been rather more awkward than I first anticipated.  The one thing it hasn’t stopped me doing is buying more fabric, which I was going to taken a photo of and then this happened….


It’s been a while since my “puppy” has appeared, so I indulged him with his snooty “I’m not being naughty” face.


Then his best attempt at “I love you Mummy” face.

Then finally what I like to call his “fraggle” face (as it reminds me of Fraggle Rock)


It’s the nose I think.  Bless him.

Anyway, I did then get the fabric in…


I can’t wait to do something with them or rather be able to.

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A quick doggy watercolour


I am back with my phone now … thank goodness!

So I am pleased to share the quick watercolour I threw together yesterday to appear on an art journal page soon.  I used my doggy stamp I drew using my very lovely puppy for a model.  I coloured it in true Swissy colours but have drawn the stamp to be adaptable.


I hope you like it.




My puppy is growing into a big boy!


I’m sorry for the lack of crafting in this post but I had to share this photo of my youngest son with my puppy Chester.


I’m not sure who is measuring themselves against who but it tickled me when I caught them.  The bond between them is incredibly strong and I love to watch how pup interacts with him.  His constant sniffing over him (and particularly his head) to check he is ok is as a result of youngest son going head first over his handlebars some 18 months ago and requiring his head being glued back together, but pup still checks his head thoroughly given any opportunity.


It was Jan 2013 when OH went to Wales in the snow to fetch my little bundle of fun and after 2 years he still the same bundle of fun but much much bigger.  Weighing in now approx 70 kg and not yet fully grown, he is the biggest soft lapdog you could possibly imagine. I just wish he would stop standing on my toes with his big clumsy paws.

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My Sarah in Cross Stitch


I have a cross stitch picture to share today which I finished and framed recently.  The original pattern was in a magazine and I think it was of a St Bernard. I’m sorry but I can’t find it now to give credit to the designer.


I saw it at the same time that my lovely Sarah came into our lives after loosing my darling Holly and I thought it would make a lovely gift to my friend who travelled all the way from Germany with her in her car. So I set to work on altering the pattern to resemble a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

That was some 2 years ago and she was thrilled with her gift.  I then started a second one to keep myself, which I have finally got round to mounting.  Possibly should have photographed it before I framed it.  Ooops.


And to compare, this is my Sarah with my very missed Morgan. She brought him back to life and gave him 2 very happy years of companionship.


She is a darling.

I hope you like it.


Kumihimo Collar


Regular visitors to my blog will know I have 2 Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs; a girl and a boy.

Sarah has become quite relaxed since she came to live with us over a year ago and required a new collar due to her other one getting increasingly tighter.

So, I set to work with the beautiful Kumihimo cords and came up with this, in exact “Swissy” colours.


I used a ring at either end which I attached a makeshift Martingale fastening to and the collar was complete.

Here is the little Princess modelling it with a face that simply says “Do I look beautiful Mum?”


I think so!

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Sarah, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

I am honoured to own this magnificent dog who we adopted only last August all the way from Germany.


Sarah is the bigger one in this photo, although in reality she is now the smaller one and getting smaller everyday it would seem as the little one gets bigger and bigger.

She came into our lives at the perfect moment to lift our spirits and not a day goes past without her making us laugh.  She is such a character; full of fun, lazy, obstinate, greedy but loves everybody and cake!

Today she celebrates her 5th birthday!

I did this picture recently of her using pastels.



All for now.