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Finished UFO for Dad


Further to previous post featuring Dad’s card, I now would like to share a quick gift I made which was totally inspired by my naming and shaming of UFO’s.  I featured the finished bits for a monkey and thought I could quickly finish that for my Dad to cheer him up and keep in hospital with him for company.


I did use a pattern for this which is well worth checking out, I will try and find the original to give credit, its a brilliant little monkey.


I added more stuffing to him than the pattern says as I wanted him full not flappy and I also added pipe cleaners (sorry chenille sticks as they are called now but sorry they will always be pipe cleaners to me) in his tail to aid his balance.  I since thought I could have added pipe cleaners to his other limbs to make him mouldable, something to think about next time.


Nice little chap.  I hope you like it.

My plan sadly failed with regards to company for my Dad as he insisted he went home safe so he wouldn’t go walkies because everyone would want him, so he is currently safe and well at home awaiting my Dad’s return.

I hope you like him.