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Finished UFO for Mum


I have my favourite gift to share today which is another finished UFO. I started this one with intent on holiday thinking it would make a perfect gift for my Mum. Unfortunately, I was so keen to get started I failed to read the ingredients list and missed the quantity of yarn required.  The majority of amigurumi projects I have done have been tiny and have needed less than 100gr. However, this one required 3 balls of yarn and sadly I had only taken 1 with me of that colour.  So, I had to put it to one side until my return home where I could gather more supplies.  So here she is … Harriot, as named by Mum.


I used a pattern from an Amigurumi magazine, which I don’t normally like but thought it perfect to take on holiday with me.  I’m so pleased I bought the magazine.  However, the proper one was grey and came with clothes, hat, rubber ring and a boat but time had ran out so nude she remained.


I also added a trio of buttons for eyes which I have now done quite a lot and like the look of, obviously safety eyes could have been used if you prefer.


As I say, she took quite some wool and even more stuffing and thought Mum might think her too big to have, sadly this wasn’t the case and Mum was more than happy to take her.  She currently sits in my Dad’s seat.  I wonder where she will go when Dad comes home…….

I hope you like it.