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Pastel Pencil Heaven

Hello on this rainy Sunday afternoon.

I am not gloomy however, due to the fantastic post that Mr Postman brought me yesterday…..A belated Christmas present from OH!


I adore pencils. I think they are beautiful and nothing makes me smile more than seeing freshly sharpened points on pencils ready for playing with.

So what do will I use them for?…..It can be only one thing. One of my beautiful doggies.

I love looking through photographs, however, I do not enjoy organising a pile of 500 into some sort of order.  However, I have found a selection of possibilities to try, just need to narrow down my choices.


Or these….


I always think this is the most time consuming part of any project….Actually deciding what to do!

Hoping I do get on with it pretty sharpish I will share my results.

See you again soon.