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Patchwork Project – English Paper Piecing – Pencil Wrap cont’d – Add contents


It is finally finished and filled with all my goodies…

I love it, I hope you do to.




Patchwork Project – English Paper Piecing – Pencil Wrap cont’d – Add elastic for pencils


I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a very Happy New Year!

I have managed to make great progress over the Christmas break to finish making up my patchwork pencil wrap.

I added elastic to fit my selection of drawing materials, so I have them all in one place when I need, so all the loops are of different sizes on purpose.

I added a length of ribbon at the side to tie up the pencil wrap when filled. (Might have used a length of ribbon that was decorating a Christmas present!)

Looking good.


Patchwork Project – English Paper Piecing – Pencil Wrap cont’d – Add wadding


I know its really the time to be getting on with Christmas related things but I can’t stop with my patchwork.  All the hexagons are done and it is just the making up to do now.

I have added some wadding and some left over curtain fabric for the back and hand sewed along the top and bottom.

I have added a layer of stitching so the flap is secure.

Just the sides to stitch up now.



Another Patchwork Project – Max


I know I should finish one project before starting another, but I can’t help it.

I bought another pattern from Heidi Bears – Max The Bulldog.  He is adorable so I set immediately to cutting patchwork shapes to make him.

I made great progress and quickly made 2 legs…

But that is where progress halted unfortunately and I had to step away to make dinner for the kiddies … it was difficult to put it down!

Can’t wait until I get time to do more.



Patchwork – English Paper Piecing – Pencil Wrap 2


I thought I would update you with the progress of this project.

It has grown really well.

I have got the main shapes attached to the size I want and am now working on filling the gaps in.

These shapes are to fill in the gaps and they have inspired me for another project.

And this is once the gaps are starting to be filled…

Not far off finishing now and I haven’t got bored …yet!



Patchwork Project – English Paper Piecing – Pencil Wrap


I had the brilliant idea of making a pencil wrap for the very collection of drawing pencils and pens I use for drawing when I’m sitting on the sofa. The main need for this arose when I tried, sadly without success, to save a beautiful Faber Castell 4B pencil from my lovely dog who was ‘playing’ with it at the time. He had succeeded in sneaking it away from me without my noticing.  So in memory of my much loved pencil I embarked on my new project.

I decided to use the hexagon die set I have from Crafters Companion and selected the middle size.  Whilst I realise that it is smaller and will take far longer than using one of the larger sizes I thought the pattern would be more effective on a little project with smaller shapes, or else the pattern would get lost.

So this is what I did:

Stage 1: Cut paper shapes (using recycled paper that I had previously printed on) – DONE

Stage 2: Cover paper pieces with fabric – DONE

Stage 3: Join 9 hexagons together to make 1 piece – COMPLETED SOME

Stage 4: Join completed shapes together – COMPLETED SOME

Having laid the shapes out to get the pattern of colours I then joined them in 3’s to make a line and then joined those lines together.

Just have to do some more now and make it bigger.

Please come back to see my progress.



Upcycling baby clothes project implemented


I found a little time over the weekend to start another project which I have been thinking about for many years.  I wonder how long it will be until this one gets finished.

Anyway, I was a bit of a hoarder when my boys were little and stored the majority of their baby clothes up until a point where space had ran out and I discovered my slightly more ruthless side.  But what I had stored still remained in a few large boxes in the loft some 8 years later and I have been wanting to clear the loft but didn’t want to just get rid of the clothes as they trigger so many memories.

So, I got said boxes out of the loft and spent some 5 or so hours sorting them into piles.  My boys had a great time helping me and were very interested in reminiscing and hearing stories.  They enjoyed matching clothes to photos on the wall.

I had been toying with the idea of making a quilt and I know due to the nature of baby clothes that they are not ideal for patchwork, but I am not entering into this project for it to be perfect but for me to have something to enable me to cherish those memories.

So, full of enthusiasm, I put one load straight through the washing machine ready to start…..

….and this is my waste pile from my first batch of t-shirts…..quite impressive really.


My little boy had great fun in removing all buttons for later embellishing.

More importantly, this is the pile of material ready to cut into shapes….


Not bad from one load of washing.

Of course, the puppy wanted to “help” as always…


I just need to decide what exactly I’m gonna do.  Like always I have lots of ideas and I need to choose just one …. well to start with.

Thanks for visiting.