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Leftover Twinchies Mk 2


It’s been a while since I shared some twinchies, so here are a few using leftovers.

Here is the link to the original project if you missed it http://wp.me/p385yc-jX


The twinchie backgrounds were made using acrylic paint.


The flowers were added and I randomly added details in black and white pens.


I hope you like them.

Thanks for visiting.


Quilled Chess Set

Hello and Happy Easter

I have wanted to make a quilled Chess Set for many many years and I have finally got around to making one this weekend.


I used a pile of papers destined for the recycling bin to make my own strips and I painted the finished pieces in acrylic paint.


Like anything, if I was to make this again there are many things I would do differently but overall I am very happy with the outcome.  I just need to make a matching board now.

I hope you like it.

Thanks for visiting.


Recycled Rolled Paper Mothers Day Card

Hello again

I have another Mothers Day card today to share.


I created the “MUM” using lengths of printed paper (which was destined for the recycle bin until I got my mitts on it) simply rolled up and pieced together.


I kept the background quite simple, with some random stamping on the cream card for added interest.


Not bad for something made of rubbish.  I have another blog coming soon with something else I have made with this same stash of paper ….. and its not a card! Watch this space….


My Mum’s finished Mothers Day Card


I shared recently my quilled “MUM” filled with flowers and today I have the finished card.


I have attached the quilled letters to a piece of acetate which is secured behind the backing matts, so the letters are suspended and bouncy.


I have kept the backing quite simple; an embossed white matt to highlight the letters and co-ordinating colour matts which I have stamped randomly for added interest.


I hope my Mum will like it on Sunday.

Thanks for visiting.


Ruby Wedding Anniversary

Today is my Mum and Dad’s Ruby Wedding Anniversary and I would love to share the card I made for them.


I used 4 tones of red and pink card to create a quilled flourish heart filled with mini hearts and flowers.


Here is the heart before I added it to the card.


I hope you like it.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Lots of love.



Black Flower Quilling


I have some more quilling to share today.


I have been working on this for some time and I have learnt some very important lessons along the way…..

1. Too small can mean losing detail.  Bigger can be better.

2. Any colour other than black may make photographing easier as shadows will not hide absolutely everything.

3. Don’t fiddle as bits keep falling off…..Oops!

So with lessons learnt, I will commence work on Mk II.

See you soon.