I love people having a clearout!


I love other people having a clear out as today has proved with my Mum passing on a selection of brand new wool she has been given.

My Mum knits wonderful little baby and toddler jumpers and garments as well as using oddments for beautiful blankets, so she often is on the receiving end of donations, however, today she received 2 gigantic bags of wool containing all whole new balls of wool in a selection of colours.  Included in the stash was some dark green which she didn’t fancy using a load of, oddments in blankets is fine, but not her choice of colour to knit a jumper as its to similar to school uniform really, but she knew I had been searching for dark green with my intention to make Plants vs Zombies Amigurumi figures.

So there you have it, I now have 3 balls of dark green, 2 balls of fluorescent green and 1 ball of yellow.  Perfect for some plants. All I need now is time.

Have a great weekend.


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