Crochet squares update


I would like to share my progress with my crochet squares project for my boys. Here is the link to the original post if you missed it.

This is where I am now:-


I have now completed 10 squares and each is taking approximately 2 hours.


The original idea was from a Sirdar pattern which I adapted to reduce the number of ends to darn in.  I also joined each corner to create more of a box effect than a wave.


I have also managed to finally use a colour that photographs better.


I have gone around the outside adding a round of stitches which lie flat, hopefully to aid the joining together process.


I hope you like it.



2 thoughts on “Crochet squares update

    1. blackflowercreative Post author

      You are absolutely right. I do get bored very easily doing the same thing over and over.
      However, I get round this by having many projects on the go at the same time, currently have 3 crochet projects which I keep jumping between. Also my squares I am doing in many different colours, adds to the interest. Lastly, I am doing my squares when my little boy does his Tae Kwondo lesson twice a week so I use my time wisely and I have nothing else to do whilst I wait.
      Failing all this, I would definitely have stopped by now.
      Take care. x.


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