Birthday Boy


WOW what a busy morning it is when there’s a birthday in the house, but anyway I would love to share some more pictures of my crochet Minion together with his new owner, the birthday boy himself.

The opening moment……


The first cuddle….


The puppy found alternative entertainment for a short while….


And lastly, here is his birthday card, which I only just managed to finish in time.  Nothing like leaving things to the last minute.



Apologies for the unusually poor photos, it was early in the morning and my cup of tea hadn’t kicked in yet.

Thanks for visiting.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

    1. blackflowercreative Post author

      I am pleased to say that Minion is still in tact, albeit a little stretched. I hope you managed to find the pattern in my previous post, however if not here it is … Stephanie’s pattern has the trousers and goggles removable but I tacked them on at the back so they wouldn’t get lost, however I am going to amend it and tack all the way around to restrict it from stretching totally out of shape. I hope that helps and I can’t wait to see one for your daughter. It’s well worth the effort!

  1. massofhair

    Oh WOW THANK YOU for capturing that wonderful moment, your Son looks so happy & surprised! Glad pup found something else to chew.

    Beautiful birthday card, so exquisite and fun. Hope you all enjoyed this day:-) xxx


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